Let it rain

I’ve realised today that sometimes we just have to accept that we don’t have control over these feelings and emotions that embody the illness of depression. Some days I really struggle to come to grips with the length of illness I have endured and the severity of my prognosis; nevertheless, overall inevitably I just need to ‘let it rain’. The depression will take its course no matter what I do to fight it.  Accepting it for what it is and continually working on strategies to improve my prognosis is a much more useful path. Furthermore, sharing my journey with others and admitting that I have many days struggled is a brave thing to do and I hope something that will help someone along the way. Any encouragement is good encouragement just as long as img_3667you remember you are not alone.

I did this painting on one of those days where I just didn’t have much left in the tank. I reminded myself that although hard, if I could keep going through this, what else could life really throw at me. Although I have to remind myself sometimes, I am stronger than I think and I will eventually recover from this dreadful illness.

I hope you are having a day where you can see some light at the end of the tunnel. I know that it is sometimes hard but I have recovered myself once before and I have seen other strong women I admire at follow-up recover too. Let it rain for now but remember you are not your illness > the special person underneath all that sometimes seemingly endless negative emotion is still there. Remember always that this is not for forever!

I hope you find happiness in your day today 🙂



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