• http://www.getselfhelp.co.uk/docs/NourishingDepleting.pdf: Activity: draw up your own graph with nourishing activities on one column and depleting activities on the other column; ensure you are doing replenishing activities throughout your day not just depleting activities that drain your energy and leave you feeling tired and worn out.
  • peekattheweek-2 Use this handy template to plan your week ahead of time and get things organised before they are due!
  • http://www.getselfhelp.co.uk/docs/PACE.pdf: When considering what you will accomplish each day, PACE yourself – i.e. – keep a healthy balance of things that will include work, rest and play. Be realistic and don’t aim too high to begin with. Here are some pleasant activities to choose from:

watch television, listen to the radio/music, fundraising or organising events or committee work as a hobby, playing board games or cards, volunteering in the community, solving a puzzle, reading a book/newspaper/magazine, singing or playing a musical instrument, meditation or yoga, drawing or painting, doing craftwork e.g. pottery, weaving, woodwork, leather; knitting or crotchet or embroidery, keeping a diary, photography or film, fishing, gardening or taking care of plants, training or taking care of a pet, working on a collection e.g. stamps; rearranging or redecorating a room, doing a chore that needs doing around the house, doing outdoor work e.g. woodchopping, making or repairing clothes or sewing, visiting parents, friends or family, having a party/coffee/tea, writing a letter/email, chatting with a stranger, telling a story about an experience, talking about your hobbies or interests, phoning a friend or acquaintance, meeting someone new, counselling someone or offering support, asking for help or advice, visiting people who are sick or in need, giving a  massage or back rub, hugging someone important to you, complementing someone, taking a shower or bath, drinking a soda, just sitting quietly, sleeping in late, taking an afternoon nap, sitting on an outdoor terrace, going to the hairdressers, using cologne/perfume, going to a movie, cooking or trying out a new recipe, baking bread, pie or cookies, going to a restaurant to eat out, going to a  bar or cafe, going to a concert/play/opera or ballet, going to a fair/carnival/circus/amusement park or zoo; taking a vacation; going to the markets, going to the library, going to the art gallery, going shopping, going to a swimming pool/sauna/spa, buying something for yourself, going to listen to a public speaker, going to the museum or an exhibit; buying something for someone else; travelling in a car/boat or bus; taking a walk, riding a bike, staying with family, competing in a club sport, going to a sports event e.g. football; reading your horoscope, visiting caves/rainforests/waterfalls; reading or studying history, doing things with your neighbours, doing things with your children/grandchildren; fitness/weightlifting; working on your computer/watch a movie/video/DVD; playing pool or billiards, woodworking, repairing or building cars, water polo, gliding, learn another language, travel to a foreign country, skiing or snowboarding, internet surfing or downloading, riding a motorbike, bungee jumping or sky diving, computer gaming, ball sports (soccer, rugby, volleyball, handball), playing tennis or table tennis, keeping an aquarium, 4WDing, water skiing/jet skiing, kite surfing or scuba diving, skateboarding, ice hockey, golf, writing or telling stories, jogging, hiking, camping, picnicking, horseback riding, etc….